Patzcuaro’s | Commercial Renovation

 Commercial Renovation in Progress


Commercial Renovation at Patzcuaro’s | Construction of Store front in progress

The store front system is now going in as part of the commercial renovation & exterior improvements being completed to the Highlands Neighborhood Patzcuaro’s Restaurant.  These improvements will flood the dining area with natural light and allow the restaurant to convey its inviting and festive atmosphere to the public.  Once the main building improvements are completed the storefront of the adjoining kitchen building will replaced.  At this location a serving window will be included to expand on Taco Tuesday allowing “to go” orders to be served to/at the sidewalk.

This commercial renovation project expands ArcWest’s expertise and knowledge for restaurant design.  ArcWest recently completed the design for the Plimoth – A neighborhood eatery which opens tentatively early Autumn.

Please remember that Patzcuaro’s Restaurant is OPEN for business during construction for the commercial renovation.

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