ArcWest Mentors an Aspiring Architect

The partners at ArcWest have been very busy during the month of January, and the first of February, with various active projects and new prospective endeavors. Our goal will be to write detailed and illustrative articles (including pictures and drawings) in the coming weeks about these subjects.

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Rick Ruffino joins ArcWest Architects

ArcWest Architects adds new executive partner, Rick Ruffino, to the ArcWest Team expanding our corporate project, planning and business management experience.

Design for Newspaper Offices – Rightsizing Opportunities

Front-Office Design RIGHTSIZING – Creates OPPORTUNITIES Plunging advertising revenue and increased operating cost are changing the way newspaper organizations operate.  To substantially reduce cost, product size is being reduced, production is being consolidated and facilities are being closed. Historically, reductions in front office staff news reporters, advertising reps. and graphic artist were off limits.  It … Continued