Facility Planning Experience is Universal

ArcWest is proficient in numerous project types: Office, Manufacturing, Warehouse, and Information Technologies. The key is not the built project type, but the depth of project planning experience, such as feasibility studies, masterplanning, building design, space planning, engineering coordination, process integration, equipment coordination, programming, project management, etc.

20 to 1 Return on Consulting Investment

This dynamic lean consulting tool allows a 360 degree perspective of an operation that allows EACH member of the manufacturing team a chance to view where they fit into the overall process.

“Lean Production” | ArcWest Consulting

Lean is about increasing efficiency to offer greater value to a customer or client. Rick shared “We are only at the beginning of implementing lean in our (newspaper) organizations and most would benefit from a structured lean program”

Facility Flexibility

What is a Flexible Newspaper Facility and how does the Architectural Design team plan for the future? The traditional approach to ultimate flexibility in the design of a flexible facility by Newspaper Architects has been to allow for additional space in the facility or the procurement of additional land such that the facility could be … Continued

Newspaper Production Process Goals and Quality

Newspaper Production continues to get leaner and leaner.  Formats are getting smaller and smaller with new cut-off’s and reduced web width, thus reducing the usage of raw materials.  New equipment is allowing for significant reductions in waste generation and lower levels of staffing.  Automation is allowing the newspaper to be touched fewer and fewer times … Continued