Decks, Deli’s and Due Diligence

ArcWest Architects has been working on decks for both residential and commercial projects. Currently ArcWest is preparing construction documents for a new Deli Restaurant to be located in downtown Denver. At the other end of the spectrum, we have assisted a client in the early planning phases with master planning, due diligence and feasibility studies for a new 24,000 sf light industrial facility.

Residential Project in NW Denver

… new residential project in the northwest Denver “Sunnyside” neighborhood. Proposed design is a contemporary home which nicely integrates with the site …

New Wellness Center opens in NW Denver!

ArcWest Architects assisted the Wellness Center with the required documentation to submit and obtain a “Change of Use” permit. We can assist with a preliminary building evaluation, project feasibility, conceptual design, and all building permit submittal requirements.

ArcWest | News Brief

Robin Adams is certified as a LEED professional.
ArcWest & Shipley Design has entered a Design-build competition sponsored by AIA Denver and Habitat for Humanity Colorado.
ArcWest is working on a multi-acre site master plan, as well as a smaller manufacturing office remodel.

Change of Use | Change of Occupancy

Depending upon the scenario an owner may be considering, ArcWest Architects can support the process. Whether submitting an application for a “change of use” for a simple adaptive reuse, or diligence and feasibility for a proposed business and building, or for a more in depth renovation project requiring a change of use, ArcWest Architects can provide the professional assistance required.

Building Design | Applying ArcWest’s Experience

ArcWest is working with CDOT to implement a new building prototype for a Vehicle Storage and Maintenance Facility to be constructed in the small town of Kittridge in the foothills west of Denver. The building incorporates features that will make it a cost effective project from initial costs through the long term (life cycle) operating costs that will result in a more durable structure with a long efficient and high performing service life.

On the Boards | ArcWest Architectural Projects

It appears finally (fingers crossed) that our efforts are being rewarded. ArcWest is very excited to share the news about the following work currently on the “boards” in the office.

Lakeside Redevelopment | Potential Missed

Architects, planners and developers should take inspiration from the mixed use, pedestrian friendly 2 and 3 story buildings, moderate density fabric of Tennyson street. An urban plan of buildings of similar diversity and scale integrated with open space parks that link to Lake Rhoda could be a concept which would offer much more potential to the immediate and adjacent communities for the Lakeside Redevelopment.

Restaurant Design | The Design Process

The restaurant concept should be identified early on tandem to the vision for the culinary menu – Menu and Concept should be paired. This will reinforce the direction and decisions for the program and design.