Facility Planning Experience is Universal

ArcWest is proficient in numerous project types: Office, Manufacturing, Warehouse, and Information Technologies. The key is not the built project type, but the depth of project planning experience, such as feasibility studies, masterplanning, building design, space planning, engineering coordination, process integration, equipment coordination, programming, project management, etc.

“Lean Production” | ArcWest Consulting

Lean is about increasing efficiency to offer greater value to a customer or client. Rick shared “We are only at the beginning of implementing lean in our (newspaper) organizations and most would benefit from a structured lean program”

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ArcWest Architects sends out electronic newsletter to share professional insights, industry trends, observations and current ArcWest events.

Rick Ruffino joins ArcWest Architects

ArcWest Architects adds new executive partner, Rick Ruffino, to the ArcWest Team expanding our corporate project, planning and business management experience.

New Facility Consolidates Offices

Article from the international journal, News and Tech highlighting key features of the new Skagit Valley Publishing Facility in Washington

Go Skagit!

ArcWest Architects visited the Skagit Valley Publishing Facility last week to witness the building occupied and in operation.  The initial reaction to the new facility is very positive.  Typical with any building project that transitions from construction to owner occupied, there are some minor details to address and close out. It’s very satisfying to walk … Continued

Skagit Valley Publishing Facility is Open

Link to Pioneer Newspapers “latest news” highlighting the opening of the new Skagit Valley Publishing Facility in Mount Vernon Washington (Architectural Design by ArcWest Architects)

Industry Specific Consultant or Newspaper Architect

The industry Specific Design Professional goes by many names, including Newspaper Architect, Media Architect, Publishing Architect, Print Media Consultant, and Print or Publishing Facility Designer to name a few.  One thing that all of the names have in common is that they refer to a consultant who is well versed, and experienced in design that … Continued

New Building – Facility Project Construction Update

ArcWest Architects is eager to share our updated project page on the website highlighting the new Pioneer Newspapers – Skagit Valley Publishing Facility. The ArcWest webpage has been expanded with numerous building construction photographs documenting the new facility project’s evolution. The project is nearing completion with the final efforts of construction focusing on finishes, details, … Continued