So you think you want to build an ADU in Denver?

ArcWest-Architects ADU-Highlands-near-completion

First look at the Denver Zoning Standards & Requirements Often referred to as a Carriage House, the acronym “ADU” is becoming part of the Denver residential vernacular. The abbreviation stands for “Accessory Dwelling Unit” for those who are not familiar with the term. It simply means a secondary living space or apartment that occupies a … Continued

New House Old Style

ArcWest Architects wants to share a blog posted by the Highland Denver website earlier this week.  The main discussion point of the article is to explore the question: “Is a contemporary home really the most suitable style for a neighborhood that’s charm lies in the classic older Denver bungalows, Victorian and Denver square homes?”  The project highlighted in … Continued

ArcWest Architect’s Interview

ArcWest Architect’s discusses with CNTV our wide rangeof professional architectural services; snapshots of a few recent building projects exemplifying our experience and skills;and background of the firm’s start and core philosophies.

ArcWest | News Brief

Robin Adams is certified as a LEED professional.
ArcWest & Shipley Design has entered a Design-build competition sponsored by AIA Denver and Habitat for Humanity Colorado.
ArcWest is working on a multi-acre site master plan, as well as a smaller manufacturing office remodel.

Think Green | Reuse of Extra Building Materials

Interesting article this week in the Denver Business Journal about an internet start-up company ZamRay, LLC.  This business is going to fill a niche service in re-purposing leftover building materials found at the end of construction projects. The benefit is twofold:  First, those materials won’t end up in the landfill – This promotes sustainable concepts … Continued

Commercial Architecture | Lower cost to build

Denver Post article “Recession’s silver lining: cost to build” confirms what ArcWest has shared earlier – Now is the time to build since the cost of construction is lower.

“Lean Production” | ArcWest Consulting

Lean is about increasing efficiency to offer greater value to a customer or client. Rick shared “We are only at the beginning of implementing lean in our (newspaper) organizations and most would benefit from a structured lean program”

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