Think Green | Reuse of Extra Building Materials

Interesting article this week in the Denver Business Journal about an internet start-up company ZamRay, LLC.  This business is going to fill a niche service in re-purposing leftover building materials found at the end of construction projects.

The benefit is twofold:  First, those materials won’t end up in the landfill – This promotes sustainable concepts and methods.  Reduce, reuse and recycle.   Second, it opens up a source for materials at a lower cost for smaller projects.  Smaller projects typically start off at a disadvantage financially.  ZamRay will provide an avenue for owners and contractors to procure building materials at a lower cost allowing smaller construction projects the ability to meet their budget.

To read more, see the article:  “Leftover construction items find a home at Zam” by Cathy Proctor.

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