The Hole | Bakery under Construction

ArcWest Architects and team completed the design and engineering for the remodel of what was previously a retail shoe store to be retrofitted for a new commercial / retail bakery, coffee shop, restaurant & bar.

The owner’s  modish vision for the shop is multi faceted, serving the changing faces of the day as it transitions from morning to night.

There were many challenges when considering all the needs for the bakery with an ancillary restaurant function and ultimately plan how these would fit into the small existing space.  The foremost focus was to fulfill all equipment requirements to allow for a successful kitchen environment for the pastry chefs.  Other notable design challenges included:

  • Providing accessible toilet facilities for the multi-level plan
  • Integration of mechanical ventilation and plumbing requirements
  • Structural modifications and additions in a turn of the century building to enable open seating areas.

In addition to these engineering and design considerations, the project required specification for a 2 hour rated ceiling (occupancy separation) protecting the multiple uses of the building.  Apartment units exist on the second floor above the proposed bakery.  The mixed use required an approved UL Design rated assembly for fire protection.

ArcWest Architects is excited to witness the construction progress of the new bakery “the Hole” located on Tennyson Street.  The Lotus Group is providing the construction services.  The project is tentatively scheduled to be complete and open for business  this Summer, the first week in July.

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