Storage & Maintenance Facility | CO Dept. of Transportation

ArcWest’s Colorado Department of Transportation storage and maintenance facility in Kittredge CO is well underway and scheduled to be operational on April 9th.

The 2400 pound Redi-Rock stacking retaining wall blocks are in place and the Chief Buildings metal frame has been erected.  The buildings shed roof form is impressive highlighting the bay doors and clerestory windows.  Inside the truck bays economical radiant heating is being provided and air stratification will be minimized within the high bay areas by ceiling mounted fans. If CO2 levels become hazardous or cooling is needed, exhaust fans quickly circulate fresh outdoor air into the building.

High pressure wash bays for removing snow, sand and chemicals from trucks and equipment is an integral part of this buildings design and function. Environmental concerns are also now a high priority. All water and sentiment removed within the building will be treated through an extensive sand/oil separator then filtered and stored within the building to be used again.

This building has been designed by ArcWest Architects to be a template for future CDOT facilities.

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