Moto-Rado | Commercial Renovation

Moto-Rado Consignment Sales located at 5609 West 6th Ave, in Lakewood will soon be moving into their hip new location.  The commercial renovation and architectural design for the renovated space will provide plenty of interior space to display their large inventory of motorcycles for sale.  The new space incorporates large overhead doors and a signage marquee to increase curb appeal, overall visibility and drive business sales.

commercial architecture and design
Moto-Rado Renovation & Updates nearing completion

“Keep on keeping on … ” is the slogan, and that certainly is the case with Moto-Rado’s new improvements Lakewood Facility!  For more info about the business – Click MOTO-RADO!

Commercial Architecture and Design, ArcWest
Before shot of the Moto-Rado Facility



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