Metal Buildings | Retaining Walls | CO Dept. of Transportation

ArcWest continues to find efficient uses for pre-engineered metal buildings.  In this case the project consisted of a Chief Buildings four bay vehicle storage facility with offices for the Colorado Department of Transportation.

ArcWest was awarded this project due to our experience with metal buildings and their use on challenging sites.  ArcWest completed a project in 2008 for the Klamath Falls Herald & News which utilized a Metallic Building, Inc. on a hillside with no level areas.  To accommodate the 48,000 SF single level facility and all the trucking and vehicular needs around it the site was terraced and an attractive yet massive retaining wall was placed behind the building.  The back wall of the building also functioned as a retaining wall to reduce overall cost.

This vehicle storage facility located along Colorado HWY 74 in Kittredge Colorado is tucked into the hillside to maximize the narrow flat site and accommodate the on-going needs of a Colorado Department of Transportation road maintenance site.

The project team has been fortunate that snow fall has remained light and we have had plenty of warm autumn days to complete the concrete footings and foundation work. We plan to complete all concrete flat work and install the Redi-Rock site retaining wall behind the building before the Christmas/New Years Holiday.

See the construction photo’s of work completed and follow the projects completion in subsequent blog postings or contact ArcWest Architects for additional information.

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