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Rick Ruffino, consultant / partner at ArcWest Architects,  recently interviewed with  IFRA (WAN-IFRA) to discuss the concepts of Lean Production and applicability to various  organizations.  In the article, published on the IFRA website, Rick discusses the basic concept and process to the implementation of a structured lean program.

For those less acquainted with the concepts of lean manufacturing, or lean production:  Lean is about increasing efficiency to offer greater value to a customer or client.  Another way to phrase: Lean is about preserving value with less work.  This approach can create savings through efficiency which can be shared between reduced costs to the customer and greater profit to the business.

Rick shared “We are only at the beginning of implementing lean in our (newspaper) organizations and most would benefit from a structured lean program” in response to the the question:  “How much further can this concept be taken into our daily practice?”

Please see the complete “Interview with Rick Ruffino” article by Charlotte Janischewski.

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