Green and Energy Efficient Printing Operations

What the 2008 ING conference said to ArcWest Architects.  Aside from a continued recognition that the newspaper industry is struggling to find its way in the 21st century, the conference provided two important lessons.

Lesson #1, there is significant money to be saved in reduced energy consumption with the use of flourescent lights in your Printing Operation Facility.

During their conference presentation, Bill Schreffler from Cox Enterprises and Mike Radcliff from Gannett provided concrete examples of system upgrades and operational adjustments which provide expedient ROI’s.  Probably the easiest savings is to replace high-bay Metal Halide with Fluorescent lighting reducing energy consumption by 50%.  ArcWest Architects and our engineers have been practicing this approach since 2006.

To learn more about the advantages of Fluorescent vs. Metal Halide lighting visit the Lighting-tax-deduction website.  (

Lesson #2, digital printing is the future, the question is when?  See our upcoming blog for these thoughts.

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