Feasibility Concept for Denver Mixed Use Project

ArcWest Architects recently completed a due-diligence effort and the feasibility planning for a prospective urban mixed use project being considered for a Northwest Denver Neighborhood.

As a step in the feasibility planning process, a due diligence exercise was completed to confirm the local Denver Zoning regulations.  Particular details included:

  • Identify the Zoned District of the prospective site
  • Validate allowable uses within the district
  • Examine particular limitations and conditions for permitted use
  • Understand the allowable building area and building height
  • Review adjacent zoning districts for potential impact to the site
  • Study the Bulk Plane standards applicable to the site
  • Research applicable parking requirements

Other aspects of the feasibility and planning study included a site visit to confirm existing site conditions; arranging for a civil / property survey; preliminary review of the building code; and the diagrammatic layout for conceptual floor plans.  Finally the rendering above was generated for the owner to review and use for promotion of the project.

For more information, please contact ArcWest Architects.

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