Design for Newspaper Offices – Rightsizing Opportunities


Plunging advertising revenue and increased operating cost are changing the way newspaper organizations operate.  To substantially reduce cost, product size is being reduced, production is being consolidated and facilities are being closed.

Historically, reductions in front office staff news reporters, advertising reps. and graphic artist were off limits.  It was assumed that these positions generate income; reduction of front-office staff would negatively affect quality and the bottom line.  The economic realities of today are testing this assumption.

ArcWest Architects partners are experts in the planning, layout and design of newspaper operations. This article will set aside the reasons for our current economic environment and its effect on this industry for others to examine.  What this document provides is a brief outline of real opportunities that arise from front-office vacated square footage & staff reductions.

Functional opportunities:

  • Resolve existing layout and ADA accessibility deficiencies
  • Eliminate redundancies and improve the flow of information
  • Break down departmental barriers
  • Integrate print and web news gathering and advertising
  • Facilitate employee cross training & multitasking

Income generating opportunities:

  • Lease vacated square footage to third parties
  • Eliminate expenses by returning off-site leased space

ArcWest is a cost effective and flexible organization able to respond to the demands and needs of our clients.  We look forward to becoming part of your team in search of new and beneficial ways to reduce front-office operating cost while improving products & services.

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September 2007 – “ArcWest is unique because they’re a group of world-class listeners who understand budgetary constraints and deliver projects on time. What more can you ask for in an architectural firm?” – Jeanne Straus, President

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