Design Concept for New Nederland Library

ArcWest Architects just completed a submittal in response to a RFQ for the Facility Committee of the (NCL) Nederland Community Library.   We believe it’s going to be a very challenging and interesting design for the architect awarded the project.  The characteristics and central location of the site provides for great opportunities to create a structure that will become a landmark building, complimenting the existing town fabric and serve as a community resource for generations.

The project  will allow for the opportunity to propose a “green” building design practices that will incorporate sustainable features at the inception, such as:

  • Sustainable Site Design
  • Natural Daylighting
  • Locally Sourced Materials
  • Recycled Building Materials (High Recycle Content)
  • Natural Ventilation and Cooling
  • High Efficiency HVAC
  • Solar Power
  • Sustainable Irrigation Systems using “Gray” Water

The Team at ArcWest Architects is very hopeful that our design will generate the level of interest that will allow for future discussions leading to our involvement with the project.  As the community of Nederland is  our “backyard”, we would be very excited at the opportunity to work with our mountain neighbor!

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