Commercial Architecture | Lower cost to build

We just read an article in the Denver Post last week that confirms what we’ve been sharing for the past 18 months:  The time to build commercial architecture or construct facility projects has been (is) now.  With Contractors responding aggressively to the current economic environment, most building projects are realizing huge financial saving compared to original conceptual estimates for construction.  Competitive bids from contractors in conjunction with the lower interest rates on construction loans,  many projects are realizing significant dollars being saved to the bottom line.

We encourage you to read the article “Recession’s silver lining: cost to build” which affirms ArcWest premise promoted in past communications.  There is a great opportunity to have a commercial architecture / facility project designed and built now for much less expense than what most executives and planners have been accustomed to prior to the start of the recession.

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– Robin Adams

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