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It may seem like a bit of a contradiction … However, in recent years with the economic pressures on the design and building industry, ArcWest Architects has focused on diversifying our practice and scope of technical services.  ArcWest’s background core experience is for the planning and design of light industrial (publishing/printing) and office facilities.  The reality is that particular industry aligns with a narrow percentage of the new and renovation building projects currently in the market.  Fortunately, ArcWest has been able to leverage our background and core experience for the following project award.

Vehicle Storage Facility ArcWest is working with CDOT (the Colorado Department of Transportation) to implement a new building prototype for a Vehicle Storage and Maintenance Facility to be constructed in the small town of Kittridge in the foothills west of Denver.  The building incorporates features that will make it a cost effective project from initial costs through the long term (life cycle) operating costs that will result in a more durable structure with a long efficient and high performing service life.  A few key features include:

  • Provide continuous clerestory windows along front and back of building for natural daylighting.
  • Provide full vision panels in top of overhead doors for daylighting
  • Energy Efficient lighting using florescent fixtures

This project at a base level taps into ArcWest’s competency and core experience in working with pre-engineered building structures.  This is certainly one of the most utilitarian applications of a pre-engineered metal building compared to some of our other past projects.  Nonetheless, our experience is instrumental in the project development, engineering coordination and final implementation during construction.

What we want to convey and reiterate in this article is how this project, as one example, illustrates the ArcWest Architects group’s background and architectural experience is well suited and applicable for a wide range of building designs and architectural project types.

– Robin Adams

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