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ArcWest Architects became certified as an Small Business Enterprise (SBE) approved business with the City and County of Denver (Denvergov) on July 29th of this year.   It was cause for an out loud “Hooray!”  The ArcWest partners labored for a month through the numerous forms that were required to be completed, signed and notarized.  Along with the forms, copies of a myriad of past legal and financial data, personal and business were requested as well.  In the end, we had compiled volumes of tender information that was delivered to the Denver offices in two boxes used to hold reams of paper.  It was quite a feat!

In the earliest months of the year, ArcWest completed a similar exercise to become certified with Denver Regional Transportation District (RTD) as an SBE approved business.  We received our letter of approval the first weeks of March.  Submitting the application to RTD was good preparation for what was required for the Denver certification.

As we approach the final months of 2010, we  ask ourselves:  “How do we leverage and apply this certification?”  We continue to monitor website postings for (RFP’s) Request for Proposals.  ArcWest networks with other larger global companies such as AECOM, Gensler, as well as locally recognized favorites OZ Architecture for example.

Our marketing angle that we promote as we look to draw on our SBE certification:

  • The partners of ArcWest have a complete range of skills to provide professional services for a planning and architectural project from programming, preliminary concepts through construction documents and construction administration.
  • ArcWest can partner as required to support or augment the project team for an individual phase of the design and administration of the project; or the ArcWest team can lead a full scope of services for an individual component or element of the overall design.

With this approach, we seek an opportunity to introduce ArcWest Architects to companies to share how we can support a project team to provide world-class services.

For more information on how ArcWest can assist you, contact us directly at 303.455.7741 or through our website.

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