ArcWest Architect’s Interview

The partners at ArcWest Architect’s are very excited to share our interview with Gary Atencio of CNTV.    In the ten minutes,  Gary skillfully prompts key aspects of our business.  We talk about many of our professional architectural services: from initial consultations, feasibility studies, due diligence exercises, master planning, sustainable design, concept visualization, traditional design phases from schematic design to construction documents, specifications, construction administration, overall project management including scheduling, budgeting and last but not least, being an advocate for the owner’s / clients interests.

OK – Instead of trying to capture the interview in written form here, how about we let the video speak for itself:

ArcWest Architects – 2012 CNTV

Really too much to cover (… unless you want a full length film – and we are not Frank Lloyd Wright however) when you consider all the services we offer, the number and variety of architecture projects we’ve completed, and the core business philosophies we want to share.  All the same, we covered a lot of ground in a short time frame.   Hope you enjoy the video and information.

Please do share your thoughts – Thank you!

Robin Adams | Architect

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