Architectural Project Demonstration | Career Day

I was asked by the faculty at Kenton Elementary School to take part in their “College & Career day” by speaking to the 5th grade classes about the value of higher education, what education it took to become and architect and what the profession offers.

I thought? This sounds like a great opportunity to give something back to the community although I was a little nervous. There were three separate classes of 25 students that would rotate through my presentation and that of two other professionals; a veterinarian and a banker.

I decided the only way to make this fun for the students and keep their attention was to devise an interactive game. We used the school building as a demonstration architectural project. We made placards for each profession involved with the project.  In addition to the Architect of Record there are other architects, designers, marketers, engineer’s, estimators, contractors etc., 26 participants total.  We discussed each member’s tasks and assigned that task to an interested student until the entire team was assembled.

I had a great time, the 5th graders were attentive, polite and I think they were genuinely surprised with how many professionals (jobs) it took to complete a project.

My goal for the presentation was to stress the fact that I enjoy my career and the people I get to work with.  None of this would be possible without a college education.

I hope to go back next year.

– Kevin Anderson

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