20 to 1 Return on Consulting Investment

One of ArcWest Architect’s unique consulting services that are being positively accepted in this recessionary economy has been the “visual blueprinting” of the workflow of a manufacturing operation.  A baseline graphical document is created as the first step in understanding the overall operation from an inclusive group perspective.  This dynamic lean consulting tool allows a 360 degree perspective of an operation that allows EACH member of the manufacturing team a chance to view where they fit into the overall process.  But more importantly it becomes a facilitation tool to make lean work concepts real for the average worker.

We have successfully implemented this into several manufacturing organizations in this past year resulting in over a 10% savings and yielding a 20 to 1 return on the consulting dollars spent with ArcWest.  We would very much like to add your organization to our growing list of satisfied clients.

– Rick Ruffino

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