Facility Planning | Lower Cost of Construction

The decrease in construction cost will certainly improve both the level of and length of time for a return on investment in a capital project. Taking into effect the continued decline, and the time required to bring a project to fruition, it is truly “Time to Plan”.

New Facility Consolidates Offices

Article from the international journal, News and Tech highlighting key features of the new Skagit Valley Publishing Facility in Washington

It’s “Time to Plan” Facility Projects

We all want to be in the best place to take advantage of the market when funds start to flow freely again. There are numerous sub-topics and side debates to this overarching issue, the main point to make is that the current conditions actually presents a golden opportunity for positioning a company and business model by planning capital projects now. Timing is everything!

Skagit Valley Publishing Facility is Open

Link to Pioneer Newspapers “latest news” highlighting the opening of the new Skagit Valley Publishing Facility in Mount Vernon Washington (Architectural Design by ArcWest Architects)

Renovate Facilities to Create Green Buildings

I wanted to share a thought from an article posted on the Greener Buildings website.  The piece reinforces the many options an owner or company has when considering the renovation or construction of a new facilities to integrate “green” building practices.  As much as ArcWest would like companies and owners to consider building a brand … Continued

Changes in the Newspaper Industry

Upon reading the article by Chuck Moozakis, of Newspaper & Technology it becomes more clear that the industry surrounding newspapers is due to change forever.  The real question is “Is this really a doomsday prophesy?”  We believe not.  What successful industry remains stagnant?  We believe that ultimately all successful industries continuously transform their product to … Continued

Arcwest Featured in “Editor and Publisher” Magazine.

Archwest Architects was featured in an article of Editor and Publisher magazine from their December 2007 issue. The article entitled ‘Tapping the Earth’s heat and Sun’s light‘ featured our recent publishing facilities project in Klamath Falls, Oregon for the Herald and News.“…Working with ArcWest Architects, the Pioneer Newspapers daily erected two pre-engineered office wings connected … Continued