Commercial Architecture | Lower cost to build

Denver Post article “Recession’s silver lining: cost to build” confirms what ArcWest has shared earlier – Now is the time to build since the cost of construction is lower.

Facility Planning | Lower Cost of Construction

The decrease in construction cost will certainly improve both the level of and length of time for a return on investment in a capital project. Taking into effect the continued decline, and the time required to bring a project to fruition, it is truly “Time to Plan”.

Go Skagit!

ArcWest Architects visited the Skagit Valley Publishing Facility last week to witness the building occupied and in operation.  The initial reaction to the new facility is very positive.  Typical with any building project that transitions from construction to owner occupied, there are some minor details to address and close out. It’s very satisfying to walk … Continued

New Building – Facility Project Construction Update

ArcWest Architects is eager to share our updated project page on the website highlighting the new Pioneer Newspapers – Skagit Valley Publishing Facility. The ArcWest webpage has been expanded with numerous building construction photographs documenting the new facility project’s evolution. The project is nearing completion with the final efforts of construction focusing on finishes, details, … Continued