Straus Publishing – Office Environment Design

Straus Newspapers, located in south central NY State owns and publishes a group of nine weekly community newspapers.  All production and distribution is outsourced to a nearby commercial printer.  This outsourcing allows Straus Newspapers to concentrate on growing their business and improving front end operations.

Straus Newspapers utilized ArcWest Architects’ experience in the design and planning of front end newspaper office environments to redesign their offices.  Open interdepartmental communication was a key project goal which resulted in the design of low partition height work stations, open offices and a central pagination hub.  This central circular hub became the focus of the design with custom cabinets, shared pagination tables and varied ceiling heights.

Interior design detailing and finishes selection set this project apart from a typical office environment.  ArcWest Architects consistently applies new contemporary design techniques with proven industry specific work flow requirements to provide each client with an exciting and unique solution.

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Project Details

  • Date  -  2008
  • Location  -  Route 94, Chester NY
  • Square Footage  -  9,000 ft2