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ArcWest was brought in by Shoot Indoors to collaborate on multiple facilities in the Denver area as well as conceptual designs outside Colorado. ArcWest offers an innovative and collaborative approach to indoor shooting range design as well as an understanding of the nuanced impacts of range design within the regulatory landscape of individual municipalities.

Together, the ArcWest / Shoot Indoors team developed 4 innovative design approaches which have been implemented within existing structures, the most recent still under construction in the Denver Area. In one instance the team was tasked with creating conceptual designs to be implemented out of state through local professionals. The most recent completed facility is in downtown Denver.

The downtown Denver facility is 9,690 square feet with 4,200 square feet dedicated to shooting lanes. The facility employs state-of-the-art range equipment with digital imaging focused on the target down range, enabling targets to be viewed without constant automated retrieval. The range mechanical system is a 100 percent fresh air system with 105 percent exhaust at the target end to mitigate the potential for inhalation of contaminants off the firing line.

Another innovative feature is the use of high strength steel angled baffles over the shooting area and lanes, designed to eliminate any path of ballistic travel that might destroy or exit the envelope. This allows the baffles to span from the “Building with a Building” walls, eliminating the need to be suspended from the existing roof structure, without having to modify the building envelope.

ArcWest Partner, Todd Heirls is speaking alongside Shoot Indoors founder, Bryan Stear, at the 2023 NSSF Range-Retailer Business Expo (Firearm Industry Trade Association) in July 2023. Their presentation is titled “Indoor Range Construction: Top Ten Things You Need to Know.”

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Project Details

  • Date  -  2020-2021
  • Location  -  Denver, CO
  • Square Footage  -  9,690 ft2