Alameda Self Storage

ArcWest partner, Todd Heirls, has led the design of numerous self storage projects, including this one located in the Alameda Avenue commercial corridor in Lakewood, Colorado. The Alameda Self Storage project is a 3-story above-grade and 1-story below-grade internal air-conditioned self storage facility. Prior to re-development of this 1.1-acre site located on the commercial side of the threshold of commercial and residential development, it was occupied by a condemned restaurant.

This project re-developed the site to its maximum developable area providing a valuable asset to the community as well as closure in the urban storefront along the corridor. The first floor off of the walkable corridor is occupied by rentable commercial space.

The total design gross area of the building is 86,057 sf, with 59,616 sf net rentable area to the self storage function. The commercial grade level space occupies 2,640 square feet of the shop front area and includes the business offices for the storage component.

The project was first conceived starting July 2015. The site development process and construction started October 2017. Substantial completion was achieved July 2019.

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Project Details

  • Date  -  July 2015-July 2019
  • Location  -  Lakewood, CO
  • Square Footage  -  86,057 ft2